Duesenberg J-355

1929 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Sedan by Murphy

Offered by Gooding & Company | Monterey, California | August 19, 2012

You thought Duesenberg week would have ended last week, you know… when the week ended, didn’t you? Well, I don’t know how to read a calendar. This is the final Model J that were featuring that was on offer at Pebble Beach this year.

It’s a Murphy-bodied car, the most prolific coachbuilder of Model Js. This one originally had J-204 under the hood, but was swapped for J-355 at some point. This car spent quite a while in a European automotive museum until 2011. It’s been freshened recently and is ready to cruise.

Purchasing this car would have been a great way to get your hands on a Duesenberg, relatively inexpensively, that has been out of the public eye for quite some time. The estimate was $500,000-$700,000. The catalog description is here.

Update: Sold $522,500

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