1918 Hahn Pickup

1918 Hahn 3/4 Ton Pickup

Offered by Bonhams | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | October 8, 2012

Old commercial vehicles are really interesting because so few of them have survived until today. Yeah, there are some very rare passenger cars – but as a percentage of the total number built – commercial vehicles are far rarer than cars. Especially from this era.

W.G. Hahn & Bro. built their first motorized vehicle in 1907 at their Hamburg, Pennsylvania wagon manufacturing plant. By 1913, they had changed their name to the Hahn Motor Truck & Wagon Co. as trucks were their primary business – from the smaller 3/4 Ton (like this one here), to trucks upward of 5 Ton payload capacity. Hahn built commercial trucks up until 1933, when they turned to fire trucks (they did offer trucks again for one year in 1941). The company continued with limited production of fire apparatus until it shut down in 1989.

This truck here is of the lighter variety, using a Continental 4-cylinder engine. It runs and drives. The bodywork is not original but is period correct. For being as rare (when was the last time you saw one?) as it is, the price is rather affordable, with an expected sale price between $10,000-$15,000. For more information, click here. And for the rest of Bonhams lineup at their Preserving the Automobile Sale at the Simeone Foundation, click here.

Update: Not sold.


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