Cars by Coachbuilder

Advanced Automotive Technologies (Rochester Hills, Michigan)

Alin, Liautard & Cie Carrossier (Paris, France)

A.T. Demarest Co. (New York City, United States)

Bender Body Company (Cleveland, Ohio)

Billeter & Cartier (France)

Bohman & Schwartz (Pasadena, California)

Brewster & Co. (Long Island City, New York)

Bridgeport Body Company (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

Cadogan Motors Ltd (London, United Kingdom)

Carrosserie Hermann Graber (Wichtrach, Switzerland)

Carrosserie Heuliez (Cerizay, France/Turin, Italy)

Carrosserie Saurer (Einigen, Switzerland)

Carrozzeria Boneschi (Camberley, Italy)

Carrozzeria Castagna (Milan, Italy)

Carrozzeria Corbetta (Italy)

Carrozzeria Diamante (Bologna, Italy)

Carrozzeria Fantuzzi (Modena, Italy)

Carrozzeria Fontana (Italy)

Carrozzeria Ghia (Turin, Italy)

Carrozzeria Italiana Cesare Sala (Milan, Italy)

Carrozzeria Scaglietti (Maranello, Italy)

Carrozzeria Sports Cars (Modena, Italy)

Carrozzeria Touring (Milan, Italy)

Carrozzeria Vignale (Turin, Italy)

Carrozzeria Viotti (Turin, Italy)

Corsica Coachworks (London, United Kingdom)

Derham Body Company (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Don Lee Coach & Body Works (Los Angeles, California)

Drauz Karrosseriewerke

Figoni et Falaschi (Paris, France)

FLM Panelcraft (London, United Kingdom)

Fran Roxas (Chicago, Illinois)

Fred W. Baker Ltd (Stourbridge, United Kingdom)

Griswold Motor Body Company (Detroit, Michigan)

Gruppo Bertone (Turin, Italy)

The Hayes Body Corporation (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Hibbard & Darrin (Paris, France)

Holbrook Company (Hudson, New York)

Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A (Moncalieri, Italy)

J. Figoni (Paris, France) 

J. Rothschild & Sons (Paris, France)

J.M. Quinby & Co. (Newark, New Jersey)

Karosserie Erdmann & Rossi (Berlin, Germany)

Koenig Specials (Munich, Germany)

Labourdette (Paris, France)

LeBaron (New York City, United States)

Martin Walker Ltd (London, United Kingdom)

Pinin Farina (Cambiano, Italy)

Reutter Karosserie (Zuffenhausen, Germany)

Rollston (New York City, United States)

Saoutchik (Paris, France)

Sindelfingen (Sindelfingen, Germany)

St. Helen’s Carriage Works (London, United Kingdom)

Stabilimenti Farina (Turin, Italy)

Walker-LaGrande/A.H. Walker Co. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Walter M. Murphy Co. (Pasadena, California)

Wilkinsons & Son (Derby, United Kingdom)


Willoughby Company (Utica, New York)

Zagato (Milan, Italy)


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